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Infant Toddler Development Training
Module 2, Lesson 2

Self Assessment


1. Which of the following techniques would be most likely to help an active learner retain information?

2. During a team meeting, Lynn notices that the parent (Mrs. Jones) appears tense and uneasy. The remaining team members do not seem to notice Mrs. Jones' distress. Aware that the team process is suffering, Lynn says 'Mrs. Jones, you seem a bit upset. Would you mind sharing your thoughts so that we can better understand your perspective?' Based on this scenario, Lynn would best be described as

3. According to Stephen Lieb, adult learners are:

4. According to Shelden and Rush (2004), the most important component of the coaching process is:

5. Shelden and Rush (2004) contend that the purpose of the evaluation component of coaching is to:

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