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Infant Toddler Development Training
Module 5, Lesson 1

Activity #1

Read the article by Vacca and Feinberg listed below. This article offers interesting insight into perceptions professionals sometimes have of families. It demonstrates the importance of establishing common ground and working with families as true partners.

Vacca, J. & Feinberg, E. (2000). Why can't families be more like us?: Henry Higgins confronts Eliza Doolittle in the world of early intervention. Infants and Young Children, 13(1), 40-48.

Note: You will need to access a hard copy of the journal, Infants and Young Children, which contains the article. This can be done through a community college or university in your area. Most Florida institutions of higher education will provide access to resources with proof of Florida residency (e.g. driver's license). If the library in your area does not have this journal article in their collection, they can help you obtain it through inter-library loan.

Think and consider how your expectations/perceptions of, and attitudes about a family can help or hinder collaboration and partnership.

How would you develop a list of questions to ask the family at an initial visit? What questions would you ask that aren't contained in the sample questions on pages 43 and 44 of the article?

Consider how you can help the family define concrete, measurable outcomes for their child that meets their needs.

Activity #2

The following articles were written by family members and are included in the Resource Bank. They are required reading for this module.

Think and consider:

  1. Are there common themes you can identify in the articles? List at least two.
  2. How can families help us as professionals?
  3. Is there anything that parents talked about that you also sometimes feel? Can you relate to those feelings?


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